Well, it’s been a long night, but I have my site updated at my new host, and I even managed to implement the pseudo-template idea I’d had in mind. I used PHP variables and includes to control how the header and footer files turn out, but it’s not really templating since I still have a PHP file for each page on my site. However, it’s much easier to update, since each page is just a set of variables, an included header, the content, and the footer. For most changes, except the most drastic, I shouldn’t have to change anything but the header and footer files. I thought about doing a real templating system, but frankly, the ones out there confused me, and I don’t feel that I have the time to understand them. Dynamic pages also produce ugly URLs unless one uses something like mod_rewrite, and I definitely don’t have the time for that.

Maybe once I’m out of school (she says for the 42 millionth time).

Now it’s way past my bedtime, and I have homework to do tomorrow, so off to dreamland for me!

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