So, I’ve been using Syndirella a lot lately to read my favorite sites. It’s my favorite news aggregator so far. I can put most of the sites that I enjoy reading in it. Dmitry Jemerov is incredibly responsive and has been keeping up a steady stream of releases with bug fixes and extra features. Syndirella sits quietly in my system tray and changes icons to tell me I have news to read.

Which brings me to my current problem. Where’s the news? 😉 At least if I were reading at the site, I could mindlessly circle through the sites in my browser, hoping that someone would write something on this boring Friday night. Instead, I sit here trying to watch TV, while glancing at my Syndirella icon, which stubbornly remains inanimate.

I could delete it. Go back to trying to remember to visit interesting sites every day or remembering what the last thing I’d read on a certain site was.

Nah. I’ll just wait for more content.

Or I could hit a refresh all on my feeds.

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