So I get this e-mail out of nowhere… from some guy whose name I don’t recognize but he thinks he might know me. Now, it is entirely possible that I do know this guy and just don’t recall the name, we are talking about the swiss cheese of memories here. Still, ’tis very strange. I did a web search on his name and the only connection I could find was that he’s on a lost alumni list on the University of Georgia’s website which also includes the name of someone I think I used to know on IRC. Not much to go on and definitely not enough of a kick in the pants for my memory. I think I’ll reserve further comment until I get a response.

In further news, my cousin is a dork. He mixed up the weekend that we were going to go to the Cake concert in Philly and planned a wrestling match on the same day. Where this newborn dedication to wrestling came from and how it could possibly be more important than his two dear cousins 😉 I don’t know, but c’est la vie. We get to take the exchange student who’s staying with them instead and she’s fun, so his loss. 😉 All the same, I’ll miss the chance to hang out with him since he’s a lot of fun. grumble

Well, I actually can’t think of anything that would be particularly interesting to anyone other than me at the moment so probably no one else will read this, but I’ll try to think of something better soon. Work has been both a mental bore and drain at the same time. (Neat trick, huh?) Now, time for “The Storm” on ER.

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