So, I went to see Cake in concert this weekend… the music was fun, but man, the lead singer is an ass. First, he told the audience to stop singing along with “Nugget” (the shut the fuck up song) and started directing us where to sing. Then, he tried to start a war between the people on the floor and the people on the balcony where the bar was by saying that the people on the balcony thought they were better than the people on the floor, etc. It was crazy. People were giving the balcony the finger and booing them.

Oh yeah, and my cousin did end up coming since his wrestling thing was over at noon and after he and the exchange student kept telling each other they didn’t care who went, I told him he was coming. It’s always an amusing night when he, my sister, and I are together, from the guy in the parking lot begging for pot (begging for change in Philly apparently isn’t enough these days) to my sister getting her ass felt up by an unidentified concertgoer.

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