Verizon came back yesterday, seems the provisioning problem was indeed taken care of. I wasn’t here, my boyfriend was, but the install sounded like it went smoothly enough. The TV looks pretty good, except for one thing… somehow, we’re missing most of the HD channels. He called Verizon yesterday and they said the HD wasn’t on the account and sent him to the orders people. I’m not sure how HD can not be on the account when we get the locals in HD and the premium movie channels in HD and there is nothing in Fios that you specify to get HD on your package. WTF? Although, pretty close, Verizon, pretty close. They told him yesterday it would be a few minutes, and today they told him it would be by the end of the day. Still not there. Really, how long does it take to modify my TV package? Seriously. I haven’t called yet, because I was at work, but I will be calling tomorrow before we leave for Montreal.

Still, I’m pretty impressed with the picture, and the interface on the set-top boxes is pretty slick. Hopefully it will be stable too. We had a little hiccup earlier with the DVR displaying little flickering lines all over the screen, which unplugging and replugging the power fixed. If recording dependability holds up, then the biggest drawback of the DVR becomes the relatively small amount of hard drive space to store HD material. Part of me still kinda wants a Tivo HD, but that’s still a fairly expensive option, and it seems like the future of cablecards is slightly murky.

Now gimme my HD, Verizon.

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