I’m always a little trepidatious when I order service from Verizon. I think they are just too big and patchworked and entrenched. It seems like each of the separate departments are totally disparate and have no idea what the other is doing. And so, whenever I make a change, I worry, and Saturday, May 5th, was no exception. That is the date we decided to bite the bullet, and ordered a FIOS TV/internet/phone bundle. We were offered an install date that very Tuesday, but we pushed it off a couple weeks so we could run some coax for the TV service. That successfully completed, we anxiously awaited our optical goodness until today, our chosen install date. Let me note that this is not a horror story, at least not yet. It may all turn out to be innocent in the end.

My boyfriend received a call from Verizon at 8:30am. He says it was a very nice woman who apologized and said there had been a problem provisioning the order, and while she had been trying to push it through since she noticed it a few days ago, it was not done yet, and the install date had to be rescheduled. I really do appreciate the call, by the way. There are stories aplenty on the web of people who waited hours for a FIOS installer that never came. He picked a new day, since he’s the one staying home for it, and called to tell me. At this point, I begin to worry a little more. I notice that the confirmation e-mails I received refer to business FIOS internet service. Also, a page linked off the order status page, which says it will tell me what to do to prepare for my FIOS install, will not accept my order number, saying the page is not available for business service.

In light of the provisioning problem, these sorts of inaccuracies worry me even more, so I called Verizon to check. After being led through a merry chase on the phone tree, I finally got someone who can check my order status. I tell him about all these references to business service and how our install date was pushed back. He goes to check with someone else and returns, swearing that it was a problem in their system and it should be fine now. I ask him again about the business service references and he assures me it is not a concern at all, that everything looks residential on my order. With no further ammunition to argue with, I call it a day and hang up.

So, now we wait, and I have another week to worry. It could be nothing. Maybe the business service stuff is just a coincidence, and the provisioning problem had nothing to do with it, but I am still suspicious. Now I am left to stare at the order status page, with its mystical percentages of completeness. Here’s a clue, Verizon: Telling me my order is 75% complete does not tell me a heck of a lot about how close it is to being finished. Does it need to be 90% in order for the installer to do his work? 95? 100? I will definitely call again in a few days to see if the provisioning is ready, or something.

Bah, I say. Until next week, Verizon. Until next week.

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