Fios is now up and running completely. I’m a little annoyed that we didn’t get the correct HD channels for several days after it was installed, but when we returned from Canada, they were active. It’s mildly disturbing that both my initial order and then the order to fix the missing HD went wrong somehow. They had to send the HD correction order to the problem resolution team, but at least they resolved it.

I even got my first bill, and it seems to be correct. It looks like it includes all the promotional and bundle discounts. The first bill is always a little weird with prorating, but nothing looked out of place. Yay for not having to call and fight for discounts!

Picture quality is pretty darn good, at least to my eyes. The standard definition content looks miles better than Dish or Comcast, and the high definition content even looks better than Comcast. I also like the set-top box interface much better than Comcast’s. I just wish the hard drive in the DVR was bigger. C’mon, Fios! 160 GB is not enough. Tuning channels is super fast.

The internet service is pretty zippy, and we haven’t had any problems yet. So far, so good, Verizon!

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