“What’s practical doesn’t look good. There probably isn’t a better explanation for why the show is constructed the way it is. Watch an episode of ‘Trading Spaces’ and you will be deceived, but you will not have been betrayed.” — Andy Denhart, “Home Decorating and Other Lies,” Salon.com

I love “Trading Spaces.” I happily watch it whenever I get the chance, so I found this article fascinating. The show is excellently done to make it appear as much as possible that this reality TV show is real. Apparently, many people hold that illusion near and dear. I enjoy that appearance, but I know in the back of my mind that it’s not really possible to make such a dramatic change in two days with the number of people that appear to be involved in the show. Having helped my parents often enough on home improvement projects, it’s just not that easy. 😉

I already know from the FAQ on the “Trading Spaces” web site that the scenes in the final cut are not always from the day they claim to be. That’s why all the participants must wear the same clothes both days. It’s really interesting to see how the rest of show is produced.

In the end, it stings a little to find out that appearances can be deceiving. We hate to have our illusions torn from us. However, Denhart’s conclusion sums it up best. Reality just isn’t as good.

(Salon.com: Home Decorating and Other Lies)

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