We slipped out to Western Massachusetts this past weekend to visit my brother. He lives in Monterey, which is next to Great Barrington and Stockbridge. It’s a very pretty area, I must say. It’s full of cute New England houses and picturesque farms and towns. Yes, it’s pretty touristy with all the New Yorkers hanging around, but lovely nonetheless.

After snacking on some fancy cheese and bread my father brought, we drove around town a bit, attempted to stop in some galleries, but things were pretty much closed at that point. We did drive through the campus of Bard College at Simon’s Rock, the college my brother attended. The country campus is a far cry from my alma mater, Drexel, in Philadelphia. Afterwards, we parked in Great Barrington and strolled around a little, then went to dinner at Bizen, a Japanese restaurant. I had some grilled tuna and sushi, including a fat roll called Kiss My Bass, which was quite good. On the way back to the car, we stopped to admire a recycling bin made from recycled street signs. Apparently it’s a series of bins made of various recycled materials. My brother made one, but his wasn’t out yet. Simon’s Rock is a rather artsy school, which definitely lends some atmosphere to area.

The next morning, my father took off early, so the three of us went out to breakfast after he left. Yummy fresh ingredients, and well-prepared to boot. Then we had to head back east.

It was a short weekend, but it was nice to visit with my family and see some more of the other half of the state.

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