I’m now in love with Mozilla, thanks to Multizilla, an add-in that gives Mozilla extra functionality. With it, Mozilla can save tabs on exit and bring them back when you open it again. This brings it to quasi-Opera functionality. My sweetie is still disappointed that it doesn’t save the history like Opera does, but in light of the advantages to me, such as allowing pop-ups I request but not advertisers’ and being able to make a sidebar module with my own links page, the lack of history is a minimal disadvantage. Throw in the fact that I can view my MT admin page in it without problems and I’m sold. The other major disadvantage is that Multizilla is tricky to install and only works with the Modern theme of Mozilla.

I do wish Moz was a little more stable. Getting Multizilla and it’s accomanying googlebox up was a bit of a challenge; I don’t recommend it for the faint of heart. I managed to crunch something in Moz that I couldn’t undo and ended up redoing the whole installation from scratch, but it seems fine now, so I just have to remember to handle it with kid gloves when trying to make modifications. 😉

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