I was surprised to see a continuation to Anne McCaffrey’s series about a family with psionic talents while browsing the bookstore. I hadn’t heard of The Tower and the Hive, but then I really hadn’t been following Anne McCaffrey much since Lyon’s Pride. I picked it up, hoping for another great story about the Gwyn-Raven-Lyons, a fascinating group of people. The book got off to a good start, but I was ultimately disappointed by a rather stumbling plot line. It was much less centered than her previous novels.

The characters were strong as always, but closure was lacking. I would love to know what happened with Laria’s relationship with Kincaid. This was a rather weak follow-up to The Rowan, Damia, Damia’s Children, and Lyon’s Pride, all of which I would definitely recommend. Read The Tower and the Hive only if you’re a devout fan.

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