It just so happens that there is this other co-op in my department now whom we hired in January (halfway through the co-op cycle). Since he got hired through nepotism (he’s related to a partner of the firm), and he does such a lousy job, we’re pretty sure he got fired from his first co-op job, even though he says they “didn’t need him anymore.” All he does all day is surf the internet unless we come up with something to do. So, as the end of the co-op term nears, we decided we’d had enough.

This morning, my coworkers added a hosts file to his C:Windows directory. this particular file contained a line that routes all proxy traffic (for external internet sites) to a different ip address that of course isn’t running a proxy server. we then spent the entire day snickering behind his back as he desperately tried to get back to his yahoo fantasy sports teams. He even reimaged, which of course fixed the problem… until we “fixed” the problem. I’ve never had a more amusing day at work.

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