Imagine, if you will, a road that leads solely to a set of on-ramps to a highway. One goes north, one goes south. Now imagine a car following closely behind another car in one lane. If you were that car and wanted to pass the car in front of you, would you (A) slowly pull into the other lane and slowly pass the other car, then, right before the lanes diverge, pull back slowly into the original lane, without having actually finished passing the other car and without signaling, thereby forcing him into the shoulder or (B) pull into other lane, actually put your foot down on the accelerator to get to a speed where you could actually get in front of the other car, then signal and pull back into the lane.

I, and I hope most sensible people, would choose B. Apparently, the person I saw earlier disagrees with that assessment. WTF, indeed.

There’s something odd about baby carrots. How do they get in these rounded shapes? I’m imagining someone in the baby carrot factory filing away at the edges, which seems like a waste of carrot. I found one that was twice as long but skinnier than usual the other day. Suspicious! They seem kind of fat for baby carrots, too, at least from what I remember of gardening. (Which isn’t much, I assure you!)

Maybe they’re toddler carrots. Or even teen carrots.

That is all.

Bat the penguin. Apologies to all my Gamma Sigma Sigma sisters and flightless arctic birds everywhere.

Penguin go up. Penguin come down.

Update: 311.2. I made it bounce!

Edit 3/12/2013: I noticed that somewhere along the line through various blog transfers I lost whatever this post actually referred to. It was probably something like this, though.

I miss drinking games. People on lily were talking about the State of the Union drinking game, and it made me think of the last drinking game I remember playing, one at a party with some APO and GSS friends. It was called “Kings”, and I think it was the most interesting one I ever played. The problem with drinking games, at least ones that someone else teaches you, is that it’s hard to remember how to play them later since you were, well, drunk at the time. It’s also one instance where Google is not as much help. There are as many versions of drinking games as there are people to play them. I think I found a rendition that’s pretty close to what I played, though. I’m preserving the rules for posterity here, the web being the ephemeral entity that it is.


What You Need

  • A deck of cards

  • A playing surface

  • A drink of choice for each person

  • A glass

How to Play

Shuffle the cards and spread them around the table. Each person takes a turn grabbing a card from the pile.

Ace to Eight

You can assign that many drinks to anyone at the table. (Divide them up or all at once)


You can make up your own rule or you can disband an already made rule.


Social! Everyone Drinks


You must pick a topic. Everyone must say something about that topic. If someone can’t think of anything or repeats something already said, they must take a drink.


The Thumb Rule! Whoever receives this card can, at any time during game play, use their thumb in some manner (ie. Thumbs up, thumb on chin, etc.) Everyone must do this and the last person to do so, takes a drink.


When you get this card, you must pour some of your drink into the community glass. The person to receive the 4th king must drink the entire community glass.