Last weekend, we went to Philadelphia to visit some of my friends from college and pick up my regalia for graduation. Happily, I was able to coincide that errand with my friend Emily’s birthday on May 31st. We had dinner and Buca di Beppo and then headed to Dave and Buster’s.

Buca di Beppo’s was pretty cool. It’s a family-style Italian restaurant, where the entrees serve about four people. The food was really good, although I would have liked some more pasta. We had a stuffed pasta assortment and veal and eggplant parmigiana (one of my friends is a vegetarian). I actually only ate the eggplant and a couple pieces of pasta. By that point, I was too full for anything else. We also tried some of the orangecello, since they were out of the lemoncello due to exportation (or was it importation) problems. Man, that stuff is strong. You have to swallow fast or you taste that grain alcohol way too much. Our waiter was pretty cool, although I think you have to pass some kind of extroversion test to work there. He was really really friendly.

Dave and Buster’s was pretty typical. Played some video games, skee ball, and some gambling games. I ended up with a shot glass for my trouble. 😉

While I was in the area, I also had the chance to have brunch with my friend Yoni, probably the first person I really connected with at Drexel.

It felt like old times, which makes me more than a little nostalgic for college. Some of my friends I haven’t seen since fall term, when I was last at Drexel, and some for even longer than that, so it was quite a get together. I didn’t really have friends like this before college, and it reminded me of what I’m missing. It’s not the same up here in Boston. However, I was really happy to get the chance to visit, and hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future to keep in touch.

I got a new hair style today. It’s layered and quite a bit shorter. I really needed a change. I had my hair grown out several inches below my shoulders, but it was just straight and didn’t really have any shape. The stylist sounded a little incredulous when I told her to cut it off. I’ll have to see how it goes when I actually style it myself, but I like it so far.

Of course, then I come home and my boyfriend’s mother says, “I could have cut it better!” I say don’t mix hair cuts and family. 😉

My mother and stepfather came up to visit me this weekend. I haven’t seen them in a while, so it was good to see them. My mommy gave me a stuffed Cadbury bunny that clucks like a chicken. It came with some Cadbury eggs too, yum.

Ed and I took them around Boston a bit. The weather was awful on Saturday, so we just went to Legal Sea Foods Restaurant for lunch and then went back to Andover so my parents could check into the hotel. Later we went to dinner with them and Ed’s parents and sister in Chinatown. Ed’s parents had offered to take them there, which was cool. I’m glad my parents got to experience Chinese food like I do. After dinner, we dropped them back at the hotel because we were all tired. They had had a long drive Friday night and Saturday morning, especially with the weather, and Ed and I went to bed too late, as usual. 😉

Sunday, we got started a little earlier, but not much. I tried to get up early, really I did, but I was just too tired. So, we decided to hold dim sum for another visit and head straight to downtown Boston. We stopped at Quincy Market and had dinner at Cheers. Then we headed over to Faneuil Hall for a bit of shopping. We made our way over to Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden. I finally got to see the sculpture of the ducklings inspired by Make Way for Ducklings. Then we headed home because Ed’s mother had offered to cook dinner. We had a very nice meal, with tea and Chinese cookies at the end. My parents met Ed’s cats, Jay and Leno, and we demonstrated Jay’s acrobatic abilities for them. Then we hugged good bye, and they headed back to the hotel to get an early start in the morning.

I am now dead tired, but it’s been a lovely weekend.

Another year come and gone. I had a good Christmas to end it. It was a nice, quiet holiday spent at my mother’s house with my sweetie. I got to see tons of my family and spend more time than usual with my father’s side. My mother had a graduation dinner for me and a whole bunch of my family came. My maternal grandparents and aunts and uncles and my paternal aunts and other family. I can’t remember ever seeing those people together. They all love Ed, too, which is a good thing. 🙂

For Christmas, I got the Enya “Only Time” collection that I’d been lusting after, plus a few more things from my wishlist and some surprises. My mother gave me pajamas with penguins! My sweetie gave me a shoulder bag that I had eyed some time ago and posted on my blog. It was really sweet that he remembered. 🙂 I also got several herbal heat packs of various shapes to add to my collection, which is something I’d been wanting, especially the neck one. My brother Aaron and his girlfriend made me a string of Christmas lights that have origami balloons in a rainbow of colors stuck on the lights. It looks really pretty. This Christmas was more low key than most, but I got some money for graduation, so I picked up a few other things from my wishlist, plus some new clothes. Money goes too fast.

As for the rest of the year, it’s been full of changes.

The biggest one has been meeting my sweetie. I really enjoy being with him, and it’s even better since the second big change, my graduating from college. I’m really happy with the way things are going. We have a lot in common.

Unfortunately, that means finding a job, something that’s been giving me a lot of anxiety since the holidays ended. I hate interviews, particularly with the increasing use of the behavioral style. I really can’t seem to recall the kinds of situations and the level of detail that interviewers want. My brain must be defective, because I just can’t think of them. The situations I can remember are generally not helpful. Employers want you to be self-sufficient, responsible, able to communicate well with your boss, and a go-getter. I really don’t feel that I’m any of these things, and I can’t think of an experiences that would make me look like it. I’m good at trouble shooting, but I can’t think of any specific examples. I’m not a self-starter, I’m often timid, and the only times I can think of where I had a disagreement with a boss, I did not handle it in the most mature manner. So I have no idea what I’m going to tell people. I’m really not that bad of an employee, most of my bosses have liked me, but I’m not a great one either.

I am much relieved to have made it through school. I wasn’t at all sure I would graduate. My school record has not been the greatest (another thing that I can’t hold up to prospective employers). I finish things, and I finish them adequately, but usually at the last minute and with nowhere near the quality they should have.

This year will bring another slew of changes. I only hope that they are for the better.