I ♥ the Internet. What did we ever do without it? I know I managed, but it’s hard to remember how. Even though it’s been around for years, and gets handier, if spammier, all the time, sometimes I just have to stop and think “Wow, I’m glad I have this.”

I’ve been playing with my blog again, after abandoning it for ages, and I was thinking that I’d like to try blog-posting software again, this time I’m going to try MarsEdit. So, I’m thinking that posting software is cool, but there are some features in WordPress that aren’t part of the normal interface between the posting software and the blogging software. In particular, I’m talking about the post slug feature, which allows you to specify something other than the title of the post to use as part of its URL.

So, on a whim, I entered ‘marsedit wordpress slug’ in Google, and lo and behold, the very first result was for a WordPress plugin called Slugger+. It allows you to put the slug inside a custom tag, then when it’s posted, Slugger+ pulls it out and stores it in the right place inside WordPress. E-x-x-x-cellent.

I really like Blosxom. I like the software. I like the community. I like the plethora of plugins and how everyone is so helpful. I have some issues with it,but I am confident that they will be fixed sooner or later.

There’s just one thing. I wish there were other ways to post to Blosxom. An application on my computer. A web interface that could edit past files. (PHPetal is well and good, but it only does new entries. The simplicity is nice and all, but I’d like a little more flexibility. Something that could be integrated with a news reader like, say SharpReader.

I’m so unbelievably frustrated that I can’t get multiblosxom to work. It would make thinks a little simpler for me, with regard to upgrading Blosxom. For that matter, I’m unbelievably frustrated about the way Blosxom config info is in the CGI file. It drives me crazy to have to copy and paste all those settings when I upgrade Blosxom.

Sigh. I need to learn Perl.

I decided that the entries_index plugin that Rael wrote wasn’t really working for me. It’s a good start, but it doesn’t deal well with moving files, and it doesn’t change the mtime, so when I had to delete the index file, I would lose my saved times. So, I decided to go for a simpler approach and used a simple little script from SciFiHiFi. All it does is save the mtime, launch an editor, and then reset the mtime when you’re done. Sweet and simple, and maintains the integrity of my Blosxom file system in case I try another way later.

I’ve also been playing around with trackbacks. I’m going to try my first ping with this post. I still have to set up the script that shows the count of trackbacks to my site.

I bit the bullet and moved to Blosxom to power my weblog. I have conquered Apache mod_rewrite so that requests to my main domain name are forwarded to /blog and to disguise Blosxom’s cgi script so that it looks prettier.

I have set up Blagg to run every hour in cron and push any new posts it finds over to my LiveJournal weblog so that the few people I know there can read it. Or something. 🙂

I am having lots of fun with the plugins for Blosxom. Maybe because they’re way simpler than Movable Type, I will finally be motivated to learn Perl so I can write my own.

But that’s all for now. I have tinkered all night to redo my blogging and my design and I need sleep.

Well, I’ve been playing with Blosxom for the past day or so and it’s pretty cool. The new version is much advanced from the

earlier version I tried, due to the addition of plugins. This enables people to change the way Blosxom works. Well, it enables other people to do so, since I haven’t learned Perl yet, but I get to profit from

their endeavors! 🙂

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be switching my blog over to Blosxom, but I’d like to try to make a way to redirect my old urls to the new one.

Or maybe not. Who the hell bookmarks my entries anyway?