Spring is sprung. It’s been a lovely weekend in Masachusetts. Well, last weekend in Great Barrington was pretty springy, too. My mother and step-father came up to visit for the long weekend. I didn’t get the house nearly as cleaned up as I had intended, I’ve just been too tired after work and busy most weekends this month. Soon, I think, soon. I’m starting to get the itch.

Saturday night we went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which, while not the best Indiana Jones movie ever, was decent enough to be entertaining. I enjoyed it. We followed up with dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s.

Sunday was a long day of sightseeing in Boston. We took the walking tour led by colonial figures that starts in the Boston Common. I’ve seen groups of this tour outside work for the past few weeks, so I was wondering about it. It’s a 90 minute tour of the sights of the Freedom Trail between the Boston Common and Faneuil Hall. (Wow, I spelled Faneuil right the first try.) The tour guides are dressed up as patriots from the colonial times. We had James Otis, whose name I vaguely recognized from school. He would ask the group questions at various points. Of course, the one who answered the most of them was a kid. Ah, I remember when I still knew that much stuff from my school lessons.

After the tour, we went back to the Common and the Public Gardens, areas I haven’t spent much time in, especially during nice weather. We wandered across the Common and into the Gardens. The swan boats were closed, but we got to see the last couple boats out on the pond, and we even got to see a swan or two. We laid on the grass for a while, resting in the cool breeze and watching the trees. When we finally roused ourselves we headed to Boston Beer Works for dinner (mmm, blueberry beer), then took the T back to our car, then home.

On Monday, my mother prepared a delicious picnic lunch, and we took it to the Harold Parker State Forest to grill. There was even an ice cream cake for an early celebration of my birthday. It was really nice just to relax in the beautiful weather.

All in all, it was a most excellent Memorial Day weekend, and it came to an end all too soon. (Don’t they always?)

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