I started playing The Sims a week or so ago. Haven’t had much time to devote to it yet, but I did have enough time to remember how annoying it is to get them to go to work and make them happy without depriving them of sleep. It always seems like it takes them so long to do things. Half an hour to pee? Come on! No wonder they don’t have enough time to do stuff at night.

Then I started my first full time job in quite a while today. Suddenly, I find myself wanting to shake my fists in the direction of the sky at the all-powerful being who left me so tired.

I felt pretty good this morning, considering the mild case of whiplash I got from the accident Friday night. (I forgot to mention how nice and convenient this was to have happened the weekend before I had to start a new job.) Unfortunately, I forgot to take ibuprofen today, so that feeling disappeared before lunch. I was struggling to pay attention to the training this afternoon when all I wanted to do was cry, I hurt so bad. Finally got back to the train station and then had to drive home with all the idiots on the road. People on River Road are so stupid. You want to pull out in front of me, at least finish the job and get your ass out of my lane.

A hot shower, herbal heat pack, bottle of water, and massive dose of ibuprofen later, I’m feeling a bit better. Got to remember to keep up with the ibuprofen so it maintains that level of effectiveness. Now, on to other things, in the one and a half hours I have to entertain myself before I have to sleep to do it all over again tomorrow.

My poor, misunderstood Sims.

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