I’m in San Francisco! I’ve never been to California before, so I’m excited. We rolled into SFO around 10 o’clock this morning, after lifting off from Boston’s Logan airport at 6:30. That was the longest flight I’ve been on since 1997. Also my first long flight over land. It was cloudy, but I caught glimpses of the Rockies and some weird brown landscape that I couldn’t identify.

We caught a van into the city that dropped us off at our hotel, The Inn at Union Square. Luckily, our room was ready, because we were ready to crash. After a few hours of sleep, I still wasn’t feeling too hot, so we hung around the room for a while and watched John Cleese’s “Wine for the Confused”. Where better to watch it?

Feeling somewhat recovered, not to mention ravenous, we headed out after getting a dinner recommendation from the hotel staff. Fino turned out to be a reasonable, delicious Italian spot. We were fortunate to grab seats at the bar, because the small place was packed. Reservations would have been nice, but it worked out well. I’d suggest this place in a heartbeat.

Now we’re back at the hotel, and I’m chilling comfortably after a long hot shower and bath, decked out in the bath robes the hotel provides. It’s a little small, but it seems like a nice place. The staff has been very helpful, and of course, it has high speed internet access in the room. Who could ask for anything more?

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