I attended commencement at Drexel this past weekend. I picked up my diploma. I am now really and truly officially graduated and finished with Drexel now. Patti LaBelle was given an honorary Ph.D., which I wasn’t too interested in when I read about it, but she gave a sweet speech. I was particularly amused by the part where some kids in the audience yelled “We love you, Patti” and she responded “I love the freak out of you”. She also went off on Christina Aguilera and the other girls who covered Lady Marmalade. “You may think those girls did that song, but we did it first.” All in all, it wasn’t bad, except for the rain. My diploma got a little wet on the edges, but hopefully that will be hidden when it gets framed! I’m glad it’s over, I’m glad I did the ceremony, and I’m glad my loved ones were there to see it.

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