I hate that time of night between shutting off the light and falling asleep. All too often, my thoughts come home to roost, free from the distractions of the day, to peck away at my mind. I lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to get comfortable. Too hot, too cold, neck hurts, head hurts, knee hurts, wrist hurts. It’s always something. And so I find myself back here at the keyboard, trying to avoid the things that nag away.

“Something wicked this way comes.”

I’m feeling a generalized sense of dread lately. There’s nothing in particular that I’m worried about, although I do have a job interview on Thursday. I’m more happy about that than worried, and I don’t think that’s it anyway. I just feel wound tighter than a drum, and it’s all too easy for things to get under my skin.

I suppose there are plenty of things to worry about at that. The holidays are coming up, and I really want to go to my mother’s for Christmas. I’m hoping that the job I got at the mall will permit this. I don’t know what I’ll do if it doesn’t. Maybe I’ll get this tech support job, which would hopefully give me a little more leeway. I desperately need the money, but it’s very hard to be thinking about jobs at this time of year, when what one really wants is to spend time with family.

Perhaps writing this down will appease the storm of thoughts. I want to work on a redesign for the site, but I fear I’d never get any sleep that way, and I have too much to do tomorrow—errr, make that today—to get ready for my interview.

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