Morimoto Philadelphia Omakase

We had the omakase for dinner, as well as the beverage omakase. So many courses, soooo yummy. The descriptions are sometimes vague, as I had a hard time both hearing and remembering everything they said. The Kobe shortrib might be the best, but it’s hard to choose.

  • Amuse bouche
    Salmon tartar with lemon and jalapeño oil

  • First
    Blue fin belly tartar fresh and crunchy chives sturgeon caviar

  • Second
    Kummomoto oysters Japanese salsa, lime ceviche, jalapeño slice

  • Third
    Evolution 9 varietal blend
    Oregon Snapper carpaccio ginger, apple

  • Fourth
    Morimoto Jumai Saki
    Amberjack fish, micro-green salad, carrot oil, yuzu foam

  • Intermezzo
    Raspberry lemon soda

  • Fifth
    Spicy lobster creme fraiche

  • Sixth
    Cabernet sauvignon
    Kobe short rib, wasabi greens, vegetables, red wine reduction

  • Seventh
    Ji saki
    Sushi: Tuna, amberjack, Bonita tuna, red snapper, clam

  • Dessert
    Sauvignon blanc dessert wine (I think. Not sure what she said.)
    Ginger peach cheesecake

The pictures at the end are the inside of the restaurant: a rather phallic-looking table light, divider walls that changed from lime to pink/purple, and organic-styled ceilings and walls.

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