Okay, so I haven’t had much chance to go out and drink legally, gimme a break. 😛 But it was fun, anything with Gamma Sig or APO type people is always, umm, interesting. 🙂

Mary Kay says, “[GSS] is growing like sea monkeys in the fish tank under my bed.”

Drexel’s bookstore is full of morons. Seriously. They swore up and down that the manufacturer said my DB class’s book wasn’t available and sent them this other one. So I bought it. Of course, we find out now, in the 8th freaking week of the term that, well, guess what, most of the class has the wrong damn book. And we wondered why the professor’s page numbers for examples didn’t make any sense. Oy…

Ugh, I get the interview request results for co-op back tomorrow… while that is a good thing in terms of possibly getting a job (oh yeah, and that money stuff, that’d help), it means I have to schedule more interviews. Yuck… Oh no, return of the ellipsis! And I was doing so well…

Run away, run away.


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