My mother and stepfather came up to visit me this weekend. I haven’t seen them in a while, so it was good to see them. My mommy gave me a stuffed Cadbury bunny that clucks like a chicken. It came with some Cadbury eggs too, yum.

Ed and I took them around Boston a bit. The weather was awful on Saturday, so we just went to Legal Sea Foods Restaurant for lunch and then went back to Andover so my parents could check into the hotel. Later we went to dinner with them and Ed’s parents and sister in Chinatown. Ed’s parents had offered to take them there, which was cool. I’m glad my parents got to experience Chinese food like I do. After dinner, we dropped them back at the hotel because we were all tired. They had had a long drive Friday night and Saturday morning, especially with the weather, and Ed and I went to bed too late, as usual. 😉

Sunday, we got started a little earlier, but not much. I tried to get up early, really I did, but I was just too tired. So, we decided to hold dim sum for another visit and head straight to downtown Boston. We stopped at Quincy Market and had dinner at Cheers. Then we headed over to Faneuil Hall for a bit of shopping. We made our way over to Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden. I finally got to see the sculpture of the ducklings inspired by Make Way for Ducklings. Then we headed home because Ed’s mother had offered to cook dinner. We had a very nice meal, with tea and Chinese cookies at the end. My parents met Ed’s cats, Jay and Leno, and we demonstrated Jay’s acrobatic abilities for them. Then we hugged good bye, and they headed back to the hotel to get an early start in the morning.

I am now dead tired, but it’s been a lovely weekend.

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