Yeah, okay, it’s been a while. And guess what? I’m here to post about the iPhone SDK again. No, I don’t have a one track mind… honestly!

The SDK announcement has come and gone. As usual, it brought many oohs and ahhs and much wailing and gnashing of teeth. In typical Apple fashion, it has many wonderful and brilliant features, and a few drawbacks in the name of simplicity that draw the ire of power users like a lightning rod.

In this case, the main issue is background processing. Or the lack thereof for third party apps. I have to say that I too am disappointed. One of my biggest annoyances with my Treo is there are no background processes, especially annoying when it comes to the ssh sessions I use for chatting. I also don’t think that apps like AIM will be very useful if they don’t stay connected in the background. Does Apple have a few more tricks up its sleeve? Or is this going to be another case of like it or lump it, at least in the near term?

Much hue and cry has been raised about how Windows Mobile has backgrounding, blah blah blah. I also hear that it’s dog slow. So, although I am a bit bummed, I’m curious to see what will happen with the SDK when it gets out of beta. I’m definitely still planning on getting an iPhone. It’s getting hard to wait. It’s going to be way more elegant than my Treo.

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