Apple and AT&T have slowly been trickling information about the iPhone as the release date draws nearer. Today, Apple updated the iPhone web page with a variety of extra information. It doesn’t answer all the questions, but it’s a lot more details than we’ve gotten so far. The new 20-minute guided tour video is incredibly drool-worthy. I’ve been trying not to get too interested in the iPhone, partly because I’m in contract with another wireless company, but also because I wondered if it could really be as good as the earlier demos and commercials made it out to be. If it is anywhere close to what’s shown on that video, it is slick. Oh. My. God, is it slick. Sure, it’s not perfect with some of the features, and many people want actual applications for the phone, not just web apps, but those are decisions made by Apple and/or AT&T, not exactly design flaws. What is there is wow. Just… wow. There still remain more questions to be answered, and I’m glad I won’t be an early adopter; this is one instance where I’d really rather see other people figure out what the limitations are, but even so…

I want one.

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