So, finally, thanks to the prompting of my sweetie, I finished my resume and sent it to a headhunter. He doesn’t have anything at the moment, but he said he’d keep his eye out. I suppose that’s good, but I still have stuff to do. I need to contact my references and make sure they’re still there and willing. I’m so horrible about keeping in touch with people. Former coworkers, my friend since childhood, doesn’t matter. I’m terrified that the people I have as my references won’t be there anymore. I don’t know what to write to them after so long. I feel like I did a sucky job and they won’t want to be a reference anymore anyway. That’s probably not true, because they did offer. I just never feel like I can do anything.

I also need to call a temp agency tomorrow. I’m not really getting anywhere with the job search at the moment, and I need cash. I think that just doing something and getting some money will make it easier to get down to the business of looking. I just have no self-confidence to muster up right now. My other worry is that I don’t have enough clothes to wear for work, even for a temp job. I’m going to my mother’s house in a couple weeks, but I just hope I make it until then.

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