[Married by America][1] is a new Fox show. According to [Fox’s site for the show][3]:

With the help of relationship experts, five potential mates will be handpicked for each of these men and women, but they won’t meet before their engagement. Their friends and family will analyse each of these potential partners, discuss their lives, interests, and intentions and winnow them down. Then, the home audience will be given the opportunity to weigh in and vote by phone to make the final decision as to which of these partners is the perfect match. Once face-to-face, these new couples will embark on a journey toward matrimony in hopes that they have indeed found their one true love.

This is yet another version of the long line of shows including “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?”, “The Bachelor”, and “Joe Millionaire” in whch people agree to let a third party decide who they will marry. With this latest one, which seems to be less gimmicky than it’s predecessors, I’m seeing a trend towards the age-old practice of arranged marriages. Perhaps our culture is starting to feel too much pressure to find the “perfect” relationship by themselves. When we look at the way things used to be, we think of how horrible it would be to have your parents force you to marry someone, but then we also think of how stressful finding and marrying someone is yourself.

[1]: http://www.marriedbyamerica.com/ “Do you trust your

fellow countrymen?”
[3]: http://www.fox.com/mba/ “Fox’s Married by


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