I have a million things to do this week (being the last week of classes for the term) and I don’t feel like doing a damn one of them. What I really want to do is go curl up under the bedcovers. I only just a minute ago got around to taking a shower.

I don’t see how anyone can think that life as we know it was created with any purpose in mind. If it was, then it would have to make a hell of a lot more sense then it does. instead, life is full of missed opportunities and bad timing. just when a certain part of my life starts to come into focus, something changes before I have a chance to experience my newfound understanding. If there’s any justice, this situation will work out… but I hate waiting.

While I treasure the good parts of my life, which I would never have thought possible a few years ago, I hate that I still feel like so much is missing. I’m tired of feeling like I’m going through life alone so much of the time. I just want someone to hold me and make everything okay.

Okay, enough of this sob fest. If anyone needs me, I’ll be hiding under the blanket.

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