I realized, as I was cleaning up my entries for Movable Type, that I’ve written many entries about depression, but I hadn’t written anything about my recent improvement.

It times in the past, I was disbelieving that antidepressants could have an effect. The times that I’d tried them, I’d had some lessening of depression, but not enough to really make an impact. That all changed when my doctor and I decided to increase my dosage this March.

I have to say that I can’t remember feeling this good. Where I was once depressed and anxious to the point of minimum functionality, I now feel like I have a life to live. I can think about things that upset me and be merely upset instead of crushed. I can worry without obsessing. It’s simply amazing.

I still don’t like talking to shrinks, but I take back everything bad I ever said about antidepressants.

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