Dinner at Yella, a Modern Mediterranean Grille

In the mood for somewhere new to eat, I searched this place up on Yelp. It’s new in town, not that we actually eat in town normally.

The appetizer was a Mediterranean Mezza Plate, a sampler of several of the appetizers, including baba ghannouj, falafel, and spinach pie.

Dinner was seared sea bream with a nicely acidic sauce of tomatoes, cilantro, white wine, and garlic. Very enjoyable, especially the sauce and the asparagus. Ed had tangerine braised short ribs with truffled risotto.

We ended with a slice of baklava, which was deliciously nutty.

Yella was a charming stop, with some well made food. I liked the hummus and baba, although I’m certainly no expert. I plan on going back to try some more of their dishes.

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