We finally watched the recording of Cube 2: Hypercube that was on the ReplayTV. I was disappointed, although not really surprised. There was a reason it went direct to TV. They seemed unable to make up their minds between remaking Cube, an interesting, thought-provoking flick, and filling in more of the story surrounding the cube. Thus, they failed at accomplishing either. The movie started in a similar fashion to its predecessor, strangers waking up in a cube-shaped room, unaware of why they were there and unable to recall what brought them. They try to figure out a pattern to get out, as in the first, but this cube is much more complicated.

Unlike the original, there are clues as to each person’s connection to the cube. However, these clues don’t really go anywhere. The movie ends without any real hints to the purpose of the people behind the cubes, other than it’s some kind of conspiracy. Well, duh.

Cube itself was interesting because of its lack of detail. The story was centered on the occupants of the cube and their struggle to solve the mystery and escape. Cube 2 really has no center, hence its problems. There are several interesting points, but they are never followed to any satisfying conclusions.

It’s sad that such a creative movie was followed so poorly, but I’m not really surprised. However, I had to watch it, just to see.

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