Widgets on iPhone OS 4.0

There’s another reason I believe that widgets are coming: the iPad’s home screen and lock screen:

Is it just me, or does it look like something is missing here? It appears Apple has copied the iPhone home screen, added spacing, and called it done. This is very suspicious. The moment I watched Steve Jobs skip right past it during the keynote, I conjectured that Apple has done it better, they have just kept it hidden in their tightly guarded sleeve. Apple has spent a tremendous amount of time polishing their apps to fit the new screen well, and not one of them is a simple scaled up version of their iPhone counterparts.

What if iPhone OS 4.0 is nearly done, and brings a new look to the home screen, complete with widgets and perhaps notifications? Apple wants to hold off on this announcement for now, considering the iPad won’t be available until March or April. It also times better with the release of the next version of the iPhone, which will certainly take on a number of the features it’s big brother.

via spritely.wordpress.com

This is an interesting speculation (and tantalizing). I think it has some merit, although one never knows with Apple. I would love to see some improvements to the home screen, and especially notifications. The current badge system just doesn’t scale well. I end up chasing all over to clear the badges.

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