To the person who did a hit and run on our mailbox this morning (driving a semi-truck according to my husband):

Well, I have a lot meaner things running through my mind, but suffice to say… Not cool, dude. Not cool.

Morimoto Philadelphia Omakase

We had the omakase for dinner, as well as the beverage omakase. So many courses, soooo yummy. The descriptions are sometimes vague, as I had a hard time both hearing and remembering everything they said. The Kobe shortrib might be the best, but it’s hard to choose.

  • Amuse bouche
    Salmon tartar with lemon and jalapeño oil

  • First
    Blue fin belly tartar fresh and crunchy chives sturgeon caviar

  • Second
    Kummomoto oysters Japanese salsa, lime ceviche, jalapeño slice

  • Third
    Evolution 9 varietal blend
    Oregon Snapper carpaccio ginger, apple

  • Fourth
    Morimoto Jumai Saki
    Amberjack fish, micro-green salad, carrot oil, yuzu foam

  • Intermezzo
    Raspberry lemon soda

  • Fifth
    Spicy lobster creme fraiche

  • Sixth
    Cabernet sauvignon
    Kobe short rib, wasabi greens, vegetables, red wine reduction

  • Seventh
    Ji saki
    Sushi: Tuna, amberjack, Bonita tuna, red snapper, clam

  • Dessert
    Sauvignon blanc dessert wine (I think. Not sure what she said.)
    Ginger peach cheesecake

The pictures at the end are the inside of the restaurant: a rather phallic-looking table light, divider walls that changed from lime to pink/purple, and organic-styled ceilings and walls.

Dinner at Yella, a Modern Mediterranean Grille

In the mood for somewhere new to eat, I searched this place up on Yelp. It’s new in town, not that we actually eat in town normally.

The appetizer was a Mediterranean Mezza Plate, a sampler of several of the appetizers, including baba ghannouj, falafel, and spinach pie.

Dinner was seared sea bream with a nicely acidic sauce of tomatoes, cilantro, white wine, and garlic. Very enjoyable, especially the sauce and the asparagus. Ed had tangerine braised short ribs with truffled risotto.

We ended with a slice of baklava, which was deliciously nutty.

Yella was a charming stop, with some well made food. I liked the hummus and baba, although I’m certainly no expert. I plan on going back to try some more of their dishes.