I ♥ the Internet. What did we ever do without it? I know I managed, but it’s hard to remember how. Even though it’s been around for years, and gets handier, if spammier, all the time, sometimes I just have to stop and think “Wow, I’m glad I have this.”

I’ve been playing with my blog again, after abandoning it for ages, and I was thinking that I’d like to try blog-posting software again, this time I’m going to try MarsEdit. So, I’m thinking that posting software is cool, but there are some features in WordPress that aren’t part of the normal interface between the posting software and the blogging software. In particular, I’m talking about the post slug feature, which allows you to specify something other than the title of the post to use as part of its URL.

So, on a whim, I entered ‘marsedit wordpress slug’ in Google, and lo and behold, the very first result was for a WordPress plugin called Slugger+. It allows you to put the slug inside a custom tag, then when it’s posted, Slugger+ pulls it out and stores it in the right place inside WordPress. E-x-x-x-cellent.

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