I really should just stop going to Amazon. Their software that guesses what you like is just too good. I go there to look for the track listing of the Crossing Jordan soundtrack. Immediately, I’m confronted with a notification that Stephen R. Lawhead’s latest book, The Mystic Rose, has been published and is already in paperback. (Although a rather expensive edition. It had better be a trade paperback.) Whilst reading some of the user comments about it, I see that there are Lawhead books that I never knew existed, so I have to look up a list of his books. This produces two more additions to the wishlist.

Lastly, I was looking to see what music was played at on a “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” episode and realized that I need some Alison Krauss and Tom McRae (never heard of him, but the song they used in Buffy was pretty good) music in my collection.

I’m doomed. At least the wishlist feature lets me add things and forget about them, since I have zero cash at the moment.

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