Ed (my sweetie) and I went to visit a friend in NYC two weekends ago. Jon, aka jamah, was nice enough to let us crash at his place in Brooklyn, so I got my first chance to see that part of NYC. I had a blast!

Friday night, we went to see a friend of mine, Tor, play Don Jon in Much Ado About Nothing. He was suitably dark and evil. I was scared, and I know him. This was also my first time ever on Staten Island. After the play, Tor, Lynn (his girlfriend), Ed, Jon, Sam (Jon’s girlfriend), and I went out to eat. We had a nice time chatting and then headed back across the bridge to Jon’s studio. Lazying and Lilying ensued for the remainder of the night.

Saturday, Jon and Sam left early to go outlet shopping, so Ed and I went to explore on our own. We managed to navigate the subway system without going the wrong way, with the help of the Not For Tourists Guide to Manhattan, and ended up at the Guggenheim. Modern art can be hard to grok, but it is very fascinating. However, my main attraction to the Guggenheim is the building itself. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, someone I’ve always had an interest in, it’s an intriguing and different concept for art display. I found the building almost more interesting than the art.

Dinner was a nice little sushi place near Union Square. It had an all-you-can-eat deal which was cool because I got to try things I never would ordinarily, like salmon roe roll. Yummy! We had been searching for a place that Jon recommended but didn’t give adequate directions for. I forgive him, though, and he says he’ll take us there next time we visit. After that, we were both tired and Ed’s feet got blistered 🙁 so we headed back to Jon’s place. We managed to arrive at the same time he did and proceeded to hang out and watch movies and such for the rest of the night. Jon spent several hours trying to start a Starcraft game with some other friends, but it was doomed. When the finally got the game going, his computer crashed shortly into playing.

Sunday started early. (Well, 10, but those boys didn’t go to bed until 5am!) We got ready and headed to Brooklyn Chinatown for dim sum with Sam, Cynthia (Sam’s sister), and Bernie (Jon’s friend and now Cynthia’s boyfriend). It was very good, and I had a lot of fun. It was odd being the only white person at the table, since the rest of the group was chinese or a mix thereof, but I made the best of it while attempting to use chopsticks. I suppose I’m not horrible with them, but it will take me a while to master.

After dim sum, we stopped at the tea house and I got to try bubble tea, a cold milk tea with tapioca pearls at the bottom. It was good, if a bit odd. It’s been all over the place recently, so it was neat to get a chance to try it. Then we headed over the BMW dealer so Jon could look at cars.

Having ogled the beamers, Ed and I decided it was time to head home. I got the privilege of driving because Ed’s feet were causing him too much pain. There was much traffic getting out of NYC. Finally, we broke free, only to be engulfed in torrential rain throughout Connecticut and Massachussetts. C’est la vie, I still had a great weekend! I hope we get the chance to visit again.

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